Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management Training (CMT 001)

Our Conflict Management Training course is designed to train senior members of staff and employees in how to prevent and handle conflicts that occur in the workplace. It familiarises them with common causes and signs of conflict, how the law relates to conflict management, how to carry out a conflict risk assessment, ways to prevent conflicts and methods for handling confrontations and ongoing cases of conflict – including types of alternative conflict resolution.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Module 1: Recognise the different types and common causes of conflict
  • Module 2: Know who is at risk of conflict and what negative impact conflicts have on a workplace
  • Module 3: Understand how the law relates to conflict management
  • Module 4: Be capable of carrying out a conflict risk assessment and identifying conflict risks
  • Module 5: Be familiar with the various strategies and methods used to prevent conflicts from occurring or escalating in the workplace
  • Module 6: Have a thorough understanding of the various ways to deal with confrontations and ongoing conflicts, including forms of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation


  • Delivery Method: Theory and practical training (6 hours)
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Awarding Body: APF Safety Services Ltd
  • Assessment: Multiple choice test paper and practical skills
  • Certification: Certificate of Training will be issued upon successful completion

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Conflict Management Training