New Courses for 2019

New Courses for 2019

APF Safety Services are pleased to add 3 new training courses for 2019 to expand on our training and development support services.


Our new courses are:

Portable Appliance Testing Course (PAT 001)

This PAT Testing course seeks to provide delegates who may be required to conduct portable appliance testing ‘in house’ within the company with the knowledge and skills to safely conduct inspections.

Conflict Management Training (CMT 001)

Our Conflict Management Training course is designed to train senior members of staff and employees in how to prevent and handle conflicts that occur in their workplace.

Legionella and Legionnaires Awareness Course (LLAC 001)

Legionella bacteria have the potential to cause serious harm to people’s health if they are not carefully controlled. As a result, all premises containing a man-made water system must ensure that the system is safe to use, regularly maintained and free from harmful bacteria.