Why do I need to Keep my Fire Extinguishers Serviced?

Why do I need to Keep my Fire Extinguishers Serviced?

You pass fire extinguishers every day.   No matter what building you enter, there should be fire extinguishers on hand and ready to be used to help people escape a fire.  You’ve probably passed them on your way to your office this morning and not even thought about it.  As with most things though, fire extinguishers are only going to save lives if they are fit for purpose and the best way to ensure that they do work when they are most needed is to have them regularly serviced by a competent technician.

Does my business have to have fire extinguishers?

The short answer is YES.  It is a legal requirement for every UK business to carry out a fire risk assessment and part of this is ensuring that you have portable fire-fighting equipment that will assist people in evacuating your premises.

We now advise not to have dry powder extinguishers inside buildings due to the visibility and damage issues of the powder

Which Fire Extinguishers should I have?

The easiest and safest way to ensure that you have the correct type and quantity of extinguishers is to have one of APF Safety Services technicians visit your premises to conduct a survey in accordance with the latest British Standards and Health and Safety legislation for fire extinguishers and safety signs.  Our technicians survey and quotation will be emailed or posted immediately. The cost of the survey is £39.99 ex vat however if you place an order, the survey fee is fully refunded.

Why do my Extinguishers Need Servicing?

It is a LEGAL requirement that your fire extinguishers are given at least a basic service annually.  This ensures that the extinguisher is in a good state of repair, is fit for purpose and will work when it is needed.  It is important that you find out if there are issues before you need them as a fire will not wait around for you to fix the extinguisher.

CO2 extinguishers should be serviced annually, and then sent off to be hydraulically tested, refilled and resealed every 10 years and stamped with a recharge date.  You can simply replace them every 10 years if this suits you better.

All other stored-pressure fire extinguishers have an average 20 year lifespan if annually tested however they also require extended service every 5 years, which involves a complete discharge of the unit, the internal structure of the extinguisher inspected, refilling, resealing and recharging.

At APF Safety Services we can supply fire extinguishers and servicing to your business or organisation in Norfolk and East Anglia. We have in the past supplied and serviced extinguishers to home, caravan and motor home owners and we can also take away and legally dispose of any old or unfit extinguishers from your premises.

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